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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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from the jail. he's charged with first degree murder. today in court, despite his tears and protest, he was ordered held without bond. prosecutors say this was not a random killing. 12-year-old jessica's body was found in the basement of her family's gaithersburg home by her sister belinda. her mother married this man in 2005. he lived with the family only a year. prosecutors say it was an immigration sham type of marriage for money. despite not getting divorced, he married again. he went to the home angry that the family was not living up to the agreement. >> based on the autopsy, noted in open court, she was stabbed more than 40 times. >> reporter: in court, the defendant broke down crying saying i'm a good husband. i didn't do that. i didn't do that. at the crime scene investigators found a sheathe from a knife
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with dna that matches him and a boot print that matches his side. he drives ride on buses. he left work early on may 31st. his cell phone records put him in gaithersburg. there's no forced sign of entry at the scene of the brutal scene. >> definitely, i am glad they are still working on it and there have been developments. >> reporter: this is the apartment in gaithersburg where david lived with his new wife. neighbors are surprised with the news he's been charged with murdering his stepdaughter. >> it's unbelievable. >> police are struggling to understand why this 12-year-old was the victim of such a brutal murder. >> this was an absolutely innocent victim that as far as
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we can determine would have had -- it just makes no sense why she was killed. >> reporter: the murder weapon in this case, either a knife of sword has not been found. that's the latest, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. a jury reached a not guilty verdict in the trial of a teenager in a deadly crash. she was charged with vehicular manslaughter in upper marlboro. she was on her cell phone in may of 2010 when she crashed into a car driven by a 52-year-old. calahan was killed in the crash. his wife survived despite serious injuries. she was disappointed with today's verdict. >> i was hoping they would find him guilty on the manslaughter charge. i feel blessed to be here. we are really trying to just make it visible as to what happened here. you know, make people more aware
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of what's going on and what tragedies can happen with cell phones. >> britney was ordered to pay a $500 fine and received one point on her driving record. politics now. there was so much fire that republican presidential debate last night, some analysts are joking every debate should be held in las vegas. whether the exchanges last night created more heat than light is in question. steve handelsman has the report. >> i'm going to give the american people a huge big ole helping of unbridled truth. >> reporter: governor rick perry is still talking texas tough. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective. >> reporter: his attack on mitt romney left perry supporters saying fame. >> you stood here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth. >> reporter: he forced a rare romney era. the front-runner explained why
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he got rid of a lawn care company that hired illegal immigrants. >> we said we can't have illegals working for the company. >> reporter: not because it's wrong but because romney said he's running. >> can conservatives trust him to do and fulfill the positions? does he believe in anything or is he simply an opportunist. >> how about herman cain and his 9-9-9 proposal. >> 84% of americans will pay more taxes under his plan. >> that simply is not true. >> reporter: there's great news from key primary states. 30%, cain is polling first in south carolina. in the predebate survey. with 32% polling first in florida virtually tied with romney and far ahead of perry. >> i'm speaking. >> reporter: last night was so firy the gop race seemed short
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and reshuffled again. some republicans worry the process is so messy, it's making president obama look better as the alternative. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the primary elections in south carolina and florida played pivotal rolls in the past. both of the primaries take place in late january. a rainy day today. things aren't drying out just yet. doug kammerer is tracking conditions. doug? >> you can see in the video, one purse umbrella and one large golf umbrella. the golf umbrella is what you need. you can see what i'm talking about. look at the rain across the region. we have a lot of rain and low visibility. give yourself extra time on the roadways. current temperatures 66 winds at 8 miles per hour. we have seen them gust up to 20
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miles per hour. we are seeing rain break out across the rest of the region here. some of the heaviest rain from the d.c. area back to the west including loudoun county to the rest of leesburg. warrenton heavy rain. sp spotsylvania is heavy. it's moving to the north. more rain and thunderstorms to the south. right now, to the south of raleigh, a tornado warning in effect down there. those same storms will try to move through our area tonight. i don't think they will have the same severity. i'll have the latest coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you. prince william county residents are stepping in to help after an emergency food panry closed. supplies were depleted at the
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food bank. julie carey has more. >> reporter: the message on the door of this food pantry comes as a shock to the 4,000 people who rely on this place for groceries. this mother of eight got the bad news today when she came for food. >> we are short on food. we come here for assistance. it's going to have us in a really deep hole. really, really bad hole. >> a 40% demand began to take its toll on the pantry. last month, wood bridge flood victims left homeless by tropical storm lee turned to ax for food. >> it was a difficult decision to make. families coming to the door and leaving in tears. we don't have food to give them. >> reporter: word spread rap i lid. residents arriving with boxes and bags of food. >> i have been thinking of doing something for the people affected by the flood and never
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got around to it. i decided to come down. >> reporter: at this laundromat, every customer who brings in a can of food gets a quarter toward their laundry wash. >> we hope to make a big impact and challenge the community and community businesses to help them get reopen. >> reporter: during this crisis, some food will be available. all of the parishable food will be handed out. staffers hope the outpouring of support will enable them to reopen and supply nonperishable food before november 1. after that, the big thanksgiving food drive will help replenish the stock. >> several prince william supervisors donated $2,000 to the food pantry. a military helicopter made an emergency landing today in northeast d.c. it landed near 11th street while
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participating in a routine exercise. the decision to put down the chopper was made after both radios went out in the middle of the flight. with weather cloudy and rainy, they decided to land in the first open spot they could find. >> we have places we land routinely for reasons like this. due to the weather today and lack of radios we were not able to communicate. we found an open field and put it down per training. >> they brought mechanics in to fix it. nobody was ever in danger. for the first time since 2009 social security recipients will receive a cost of living adjustment. the social security administration announced benefits will rise by 3.6% in january. more than 60 million americans will get bigger checks. the average increase will be $39 a month. another change will affect 10 million workers beginning in
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january. the maximum amount of earnings subject to social security tax will go up from $107,000 a year to more than $110,000. coming up tonight, the riot in the streets of greece. we'll tell you why. . >> reporter: have new evidence in the mcquain murder case that comes from the security camera at this gas station. i'm pat collins. the story coming up. testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor resumed today. focus on the effects of propofol in the pop singers body. police are doing things differently after the violent confrontation. >> dan, what is coming up in sports? >> we are talking world series. it starts tonight and mike shanahan has off
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♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. prosecution today called the finance witness in the trial against michael jackson's doctor. on the stand was a leading expert on the drug propofol. that expert tried to explain the effect of the powerful anesthetic had on michael jackson's body. >> reporter: attorneys and the jackson family arrived at the
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courthouse after a six-daybreak in the trial. the prosecutions final witness dr. stephen shafer was back on the stand. the prosecution played a portion of the video outlining the proper way to sedate a patient. >> this is the operating room. court was delayed because shafer's father died and to give defense time to look at a new coroners report. >> michael jackson swallowed eight 2 milligram pills. >> reporter: shafer's testimony is expected to echo that of oth others. >> i would like from my testimony in part for people to understand that when they are given these drugs by people who
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know what they are doing, they are good drugs, they can be safely given. >> the question in this case is going to be whether it was gross negligence or not. the defense is going to concede there's simple negligence. >> reporter: the attorneys say dr. murray is holding up as well as can be expected. >> how would anybody hold up with these charges? >> reporter: soon, the defense will call more than a dozen witnesses including a propofol expert and two detectives who questioned dr. murray. they are hoping to create enough reasonable doubt to clear his name. murray could face up to four years in prison but may not serve any time at all. crowding and cutbacks in california means many nonviolent criminals are sent to jail and may get reduced sentence or
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release. now to greece where a nationwide strike took a violent turn today. tens of thousands of people took to the streets. protesters are upset about tax hikes. trying to prevent defaulting on the debt. dmon va tors responded with rocks and molotov cocktails. a highly trosial plan to redraw maryland districts is moving forward. they approved the redistricting map. a nearly identical map passed earlier this week. supporters say it reflects population growth in the suburbs. critics worry it will give democrats more power. maryland has six democrats and two republicans in congress right now. redistricting might allow
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democrats to win one of the two republican seats. doug is here with a look at the weather. boy, a miserable day today. >> yeah, some would say so. you walk outside and see low visibility and the rain coming down today. you saw the wind at times. who would say otherwise? i don't know. >> not a winner. >> not a winner, very good. not a winner. do i have any winners in the forecast, though? we'll show you in a couple seconds. jim vance, this is yucky. extremely yucky. you can't tell what that is. that is the airport out there now. reagan national airport showing yucky conditions across the area. visibility at the airport sitting at 1.5 miles out there now. here is the rain. you can see the rain really filled in over the last couple hours. from baltimore to frederick and down to the south down to fredericksburg. we are seeing heavy rain through culpeper county.
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up through loudoun county and on toward frederick county. heavier showers in montgomery and fairfax. down to the south in southern maryland, still dealing with drizzle there. this is where the real rain is. north of gaithersburg, back to freddic, seeing the heavy round. west virginia, you are seeing the heavier rain move into your area. here is loudoun county getting pummeled here just to the west of leesburg. we are going to continue to see the rain, a training influence here going over the same areas over and over. warrenton has been here for a half hour to hour. it's going to continue for you folks in warrenton. please, be on the lookout there. no lightning associated with this. go to the west to see the lightning. this, with a line that is forming back toward the west. it is moving our way. we are going to see another round of showers and storms, i believe.
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some are strong toward the carolinas. this storm had a tornado warning associated with it earlier. that boundary moves through our area overnight tonight around 11:00 or 12:00 tonight. we have more of this to go. for the record, on a wednesday, high temperature of 66 degrees. that's the current temperature. it didn't feel like it. nearly a half inch of rain, so far. so far is the key here. once again, we are going to see more rain throughout the evening and the overnight hours. a dew point of 64. humidity 94%. the winds at five. the winds calmed down a bit. it made it more barable today. leesburg at 64 degrees. 66 in fredericksburg. 69 degrees, almost 70 degrees out there toward the eastern shore. look at the numbers here. state college 57. 68 in richmond, not too bad. look at this. the eastern portions of kentucky, 45 degrees. that is some of the cold air
6:20 pm
that is going to try to make its way here. we have the mountains to the west that are not going to allow the cold air to race in here. it's going to get cooler. showers tonight at 11:00 or 12:00. then we see the cold front sweep through. it will help clear things out a bit. we are going to see rather windy conditions. upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour. on the backside, where the cold air will be able to infiltrate, the potential for snow. at least on the higher peaks, it's not a big deal. cool weather, but nice coming up on friday. scattered showers, storms late. breezy, 67 degrees. tomorrow morning, waking up to clearer skies. at least partly cloudy skies. cool jacket weather, temperatures in the low 50s tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. 61 to 64, windy and cool with gusts of 40 miles an hour. it's going to be on the cool
6:21 pm
side with that wind staying cool friday, saturday and sunday. right now, sunshine in there for the weekend. the weekend is not too bad. we warm up a bit as we head into next week. no big storms after this storm. >> after we get done with this one. all right. thank you, doug. after the break, find out what
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my. you saw the pictures over and over again. police may have been abusing their power. now, the pictures after a basketball game is changing the protocol in prince george county. the next time it happens, an 80 person team will be video taped to see what happens before the crowd is engaged. john has more on how the police department is trying to keep the public safe. >> i saw video on it. it's bad. >> reporter: students at the university of maryland remember this home video taking in march, 2010. the night they took on duke. it's when prince george's county police came in.
6:25 pm
>> physically harming students, not just a student, i think it's the wrong way of handling it. >> reporter: after two officers were indicted, their policy changed making them more accountable. some of the changes no longer will a pepper ball be launched into a crowd, now, a pepper fogger to protect authorities. supervisors will be in charge of more officers to keep a closer watch. >> what we are doing and what we have done all along are look at the events and see what worked. >> reporter: another change is to the riot gear itself. now, all the helmets will have the individual's identification number on the front and the back. the reason for this is during it they need to know who they are
6:26 pm
working with should there be an issue. civilians and students know who to make a complaint about. >> people aren't going to remember the id numbers. >> each is going to be more liable. i feel like they are going to be more aware of the fact they can get in trouble more easily. hopefully. >> reporter: you like the changes? >> i do. >> reporter: prince george's county, john schriffen, news 4. >> the arresting officer will be required to file a report on the scene. coming up tonight, new clues in the murder of a mother and son from germantown, maryland. the chief prosecutor says she's thinking about the death penalty. speed camera controversy. this time, it's not the speed, it's the location. what they are doing to help homeowners cover the $18 million in damages from an earthquake. coming up in sports, big changes at redskins park once
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again we hear from the redskins new starting quarterback, john beck and the world series officially under way
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news 4 at 6:00 continues. a man accused of killing his
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12-year-old stepdaughter in maryland will remain in jail for awhile. his name is david. he was denied bond on a hearing today. police say he stabbed jessica more than 40 times in her home back in may. he was involved in a nasty divorce with the girl's mother. dna and evidence reported linking him to the crime. britney was charged with vehicular manslaughter for crashing into a car while on her cell phone in upper marlboro. 52-year-old douglass calahan was killed in the crash. they are disappointed with the verdict. >> the republican presidential debate in las vegas got personal. mitt romney and texas governor rick perry sparred over illegal immigration. santorum slammed romney over the massachusetts health care plan.
6:31 pm
everyone hammered cain for the 9-9-9 economic plan. cain has a small lead over romney in south carolina and the two candidates may be tied for the upcoming race in florida. tonight, new evidence in a case of a mother and son from germantown. >> it could be a factor in whether or not to pursue the death penalty and their 11-year-old son william. pat collins reports. >> reporter: curtis lopez, charged with the murder of his estranged wife jane mcquain. soon to be charged with the murder of his 11-year-old stepson william mcquain. will this be a death penalty case? if you had your way, would you ask for the death penalty? >> it's something that i think has to be considered because of the magnitude of these crimes.
6:32 pm
but, again, any decision on this matter relative to filing death is too premature. >> reporter: new evidence. it comes from this gas station about a tenth of a mile away from where police discovered william's body yesterday. police say william mcquain and his stepfather caught on a security camera at the liberty camera october 1st in the afternoon. not long before william was murdered. as it turns out, william mcquain was somewhat of a regular here. she remembers him stopping by to buy candy. >> it's sad. it's sad. it's sad a young man had to leave the world in the hands of someone who wasn't responsible for his actions. something is wrong with him. the devil's got him.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the body found not far off clarksburg road beneath a tree on a bare patch of dirt, near some fallen limbs. does the security camera video from the gas station and the station's proximity to this spot in the woods mean that this was the murder scene? >> it's certainly narrows the -- narrows the time line for us which is an indication that it may have occurred right there at that scene. >> reporter: curtis lopez in custody in north carolina. now, because he's already done time for attempted first degree murder and because of the serious nature of the charges here, police taking extra security precautions as they plan to bring him back to montgomery county to stand trial. i'm pat collins, news 4, montgomery county. police made an arrest in the
6:34 pm
murder of a d.c. teenager. a 17-year-old was stabbed to death earlier this month. investigators say he had been playing basketball there earlier that evening. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. today, police announced the arrest of another teenager, derek johnson. there's no word about a possible motive. a freak accident killed a man. he was killed around 6:00 when a branch fell off a tree and hit him. it happened in the 3200 block of adams mills road. he later died at the hospital. he lived in the district but was originally from the new jersey area. homeowners in virginia are still struggling to pay their bills after all the damage from the earthquake back in august. officials from the federal emergency management agency rejected the county's request for financial aid. now, residents are relying on
6:35 pm
the county to cover the $18 million in damages. they are also holding a fund-raiser to pay the bills. dale mullen says those efforts are, quote, in his words, a very small drop in a very large bucket. he wants the same federal aid other states received. virginia transportation officials are looking at what caused i-95 to crumble this morning, stranding workers for hours. contractors scrambled to fix a hole that was left from overnight road work. v-dot believes workers may have been rushing to get repairs done. the commute should not be impacted by construction for the rest of the week. road work doesn't pick up until late friday night. people who drive around the district are no strongers to speed cameras. they are all over the place.
6:36 pm
there's one candid camera causing a bit of a stir and people in the neighborhood think photo enforcement is a good idea. derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: see if you can make out the speed camera along this stretch. it's there. if you didn't see it, try again. that's it behind that stately tree. drivers may not see it, but it sees them when they exceed the speed limit. we see the flashing. >> oh, wow, you can't imagine how many times that thing flashes within one minute. i don't know what they have it set at. >> reporter: the posted speed limit sign before you get to the tree is about a block away. d.c. police list the photo spots on their website. >> it should be posted so they know it's there. >> in some cases there are photo
6:37 pm
enforcement signs but not always. >> reporter: this stretch was no to notorious for high speeds. >> you cannot believe the speed. for a long while, there was a time they didn't have a speed sign. they put the speed limit signs up. >> now, folks we talk to don't argue with the speed camera being here. as long as you try to slow down traffic to make it safer, there are other ways that could be just as helpful. this street crosses missouri at a diagonal. >> during the day, there's a lot of children. i have a son myself. >>eporter: it slows traffic down and generates revenue. it's just enforcing the law. >> i don't care where they put speed cameras and red light cameras, doesn't make a difference. obey the law and they are not a problem. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. coming up
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their children are doing online. right now, we are watching showers and even a couple thunderstorms across the region.
6:41 pm
we have been watching a line of storms. really, a line of heavier rain earlier. now we have thunderstorms associated with it in warrenton and leesburg. very heavy rain in frederick county and portions of west virginia. they are going to continue to see the rain as it makes its way in. take a look at the wider picture here. the rain around the region and to the west in west virginia, strong thunderstorms there. even stronger storms down toward raleigh to the south of raleigh, a couple tornado warnings associated with the warnings. they have to rotate around the huge area of low pressure. behind it, much colder air. back to the west, atlanta, georgia, a high temperature of only 52. i don't think it will be that cold but it will be chilly. flood advisories along the
6:42 pm
potomac. normal flooding along the potomac. right along the chesapeake bay, we are going to seek -- keep the umbrellas handy. i'll show you how cool we get in a minute. >> thanks, doug. the apple stores closed today to give the employees time to watch a video of a private memorial service for steve jobs. that service was held at the apple headquarters in cupertino, california. the british band cold play performed along with norah jones. the celebration today was for the company to remember the incredible things jobs achieved and how he made the world a better place. steve jobs died october 5th. he was 56 years old. a new program to protect
6:43 pm
kids on the internet. a computer cop. a software program free to parents. it allows you to delete images and language down loaded on any home computer. sheriff's deputies say the software should help parents communicate better about the dangerous aspects. the software is paid for by confiscated drug money. you can pick one up in leesburg. >> it might be a good tool to have. >> yeah. what have you done for me lately. 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. we are talking quarterbacks. maryland has a guy making his second straight start. john beck has been
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:00 continues. so you and doreen like this idea? >> i do. i think you have to go with the positive. >> you are feeling good, too. >> i think shanahan believes this team can win and this gives him the best chance to win. mike shanahan pulls the trigger. beck is in.
6:47 pm
shanahan is now on his fourth starting quarterback in two years. shanahan said benching gross man after five games wasn't easy. >> it was very difficult. as i told rex, i sat down and talked to rex. rex has played a couple good games agant arizona and parts of the st. louis games. i told him, i believe in him. i felt right now i'm going to give john a chance and see what he can do. i believe in both guys. you are one play away from being a starter. it's always a tough decision to make. doing what john did in that game with his mobility, offensive lineman, i believe he deserves a chance to show what he can do. >> beck came off the bench in the fourth quarter. he led the skins on their only touchdown drive of the game. it was their first action since
6:48 pm
2007. now, he's getting ready to start his first game since 2007. for beck, it's the chance he's been waiting for since losing the quarterback competition during the preseason. >> definitely excited. there's been a lot of hard work that goes into this. you never know when your opportunity is going to come. i try to do that. i just want to go out there and perform my best. >> frustrated. not completely surprised, but disappointed that i wasn't able to, you know, come back off that game. >> i feel like this year, we have two quarterbacks. we have rex and we have, you know, john. you know, now is john's chance. whatever happened in the past is the past. we are a good team with both guys. >> if you remember santana moss just yesterday was the guy that
6:49 pm
said rex deserves another shot. he's supporting beck. >> that ain't what happened? >> no. no. >> we have rex and we have, um, um, what's his name? >> it took him a second to remember. maybe he'll remember after his performance. we'll see. we'll see. it's all we can do. the world series starts tonight. if you don't have a rooting interest, let me help you out. if you like sicinderella, they barely squeaked in. if you normally root for the yankees, cowboys and lakers, stick with the rangers. they are the favorite in the world series for the second year in a row. >> everybody's main focus. be ready for speed training. >> texas was here last year. i think people are going to
6:50 pm
understand what type of organizations we have in this world series and that's cool. i think we are both exciting teams and i hope a lot of people are watching. you know, i think they are going to get good baseball. >> we talked last night about not being a lot of buzz about the world series. we saw on twitter, one scalper trying to sell his tickets he bought for 175 bucks a piece for $600. can't sell them. he's down to $225. still can't sell them. >> what is there -- it seems there's not a lot of excitement. >> when it's not the red sox and the yankees, that's not that much interest. >> plus the season goes on forever. >> we'll watch tonight and bring you the highlights. a good start to the season, actually, the best start ever. the capitals, 5-0 for the first time in the 37 year history of
6:51 pm
the franchise. they got there by beating up on florida last night. bruce's team playing the most complete game of the season. in the third series, mike gets it up to alex. felt like playing last night. the second of the year. the capitals add another and thomas records his 45th career shut out. bruce is pleased with the performance. >> ever since that first game, it's, you know, been five, three, two, one or something like that. he's given up in the last four games. can't do much better than that. he's pretty solid. >> going to get all kinds of games, you know, something i have to get used to. this is my old team. he's good. i think we play solid through 60 minutes. i think we play solid.
6:52 pm
we didn't give them much. >> all right. going to be a long year for terp fans. they finished ninth in the acc season. they liked the redskins on the second quarterback of the year. it's not danny o'brien. sophomore c.j. brown getting the start again. >> danny had a great year last year. anything can happen, you know? i'm just fortunate i was able to make the most of my opportunity. nothing is guaranteed. this is my job for now. i have to go out and perform for saturday. >> he's a young man that is very talented, confident and cool under pressure. has good speed. has good knowledge. has, you know, good command. i have been, you know, i have just been impressed with what i
6:53 pm
have seen out of him since the spring in terms of his abilities. >> yeah, i would say so. c.j. brown played in two games as a quarterback. he has run for 286 yards in two games. >> would be good to see energy. >> i boys with all the
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
great moves.
6:56 pm
more than 200 bridges in the washington area are considered structurally deficient. the key bridge, arlington memorial and the 14th street bridge. there's a new report from transportation for america. it found that every 42 seconds a driver in d.c. crosses over what they call a structurally deficient bridge. the bridges do need repair, it doesn't mean they are in immediate danger of collapsing. >> this is a story we have been following all day. now the hunt is almost over. sheriff's deputies spent the day killing and shooting wild animals. lions and bears were set free from a preserve before the owner took his own life. >> reporter: this is one of the big cats we have seen, apparently hit by a car, wounded and then put down by
6:57 pm
authorities. it's been a gruesome round up for deputies. since tuesday night when they discovered mayhem. >> when our officers arrived on the scene, we had approximately one hour of daylight. as officers got out of their cruisers animals were running loose outside the fenced area. it was like noah's arc. >> reporter: they included, leopards, lions, wolves, bears and monkeys. schools in the area are closed and warning signs on the roads. >> there's a bear and a lion out. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the owner of the farm released them all and disabled their cages to make sure they couldn't be used again. then thompson committed suicide. >> i believe he didn't feel like he needed to live any longer. and it's sad.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: the sheriff says his department received dozens of complaints about the wild animals over the last seven years. once they were out, the sheriff says there was no way to take them back in alive. >> we are not talking about your normal every day cat and dog. they are 300 pound tigers we had to put down. >> they are going nuts over this. that's fine. >> reporter: thompson had the necessary permits to own the animals but they did not find a suicide note. we may never know if releasing them was a final act of kindness of cruelty. >> of the 48 animals released last night, all of them have been killed or captured with the exception of one monkey. >> it's amazing. final check, doug. >> we have rain continuing to make its way across the area. some areas seeing heavy rain and thunderstorms from leesburg to
6:59 pm
the warrenton area. this area has been hit hard. frederick county hitting heavy rain. as far as the rest of the night goes, we are going to see a chance of heavy rain. more storms are down to the south and towards north carolina. some of those will work up into this area. some of those are on the strong side. again, we have to wait and see about that. behind this, we get windy during the day tomorrow. cooler, too. temperatures in the low 60s with sunshine this weekend. that's not too bad. upper 30s to low 40s. it's a cool start. >> thank you, doug. a set of twins in california happen to be so good at a video game they are helping to sell the game. ♪ >> that's justin and jeremy


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